giovedì 26 maggio 2011

3rd EDITION - 2011

We celebrated the power of music.
We danced and had fun with some great Rock and Roll Music.
We, at Guilty Party Foundation, want to give our deepest thanks to all the people who were there and got drunk; to all the bands who played and all musicians who had to travel for hours to come down to the Guilty Boat; to all the djs who spinned their best records; to all the staff who made this possible.
1500 beers, 90 liters of liqueurs, 150 litters of wine have been drunk.
It was fun and we are ready to do it again!
We all have felt our life has been saved or improved by rock and roll music and we have turned to it for support. That’s why, with the biggest smile on our face, we loose money on this. Do you remember when rock and roll used to be fun?
Guilty Party Foundation

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