mercoledì 22 maggio 2013


Time is changing for the worst,  
prices going up, jobs hard to find, wheather out of control.
In beautiful Venice, Italy where Rock and Roll music is forbidden (true story)
Guilty Party Boat Cruise put out to sea again this year and it was great!

Thanks to all the band who played, djs who spinned amazing danceable hits,
and to all the people who let their hair down on the dancefloor.

Venice is Guilty! 
See you again soon.

Guilty Party Foundation

giovedì 9 maggio 2013


On Sunday may 19th we'll have the pleasure to have onboard chefs Masahiro Homma and Dima Gris
chef and ex-chef at mighty “La Staffa” Restaurant,  one of the best venetian food Osteria in Venice.
(Calle dell'ospedaleto, sestiere castello 6398).

To celebrate Boat Cruise's last day they'll make for us:

(homemade bread, fish burger, lettuce, homemade tartara sauce)

(homemade bread, vegetables and/or cheese, sauces)

Happy to serve you good food and good rock and roll music!

 During the cruise, everyday good food will be cooked with beers and drinks!

FROM 7.00PM to 9.00PM / SUNDAY MAY 19th

1487 ZATTERE-S.BASILIO (next to BILLA Supermarket)
next to Zattere boarding point (at 9:00PM)
dj set / drinks / snacks

Tune up in the right place! Get the BIG BLACK SKULL! 

lunedì 29 aprile 2013


Dancing has always been an important part of any Guilty Party, everybody loves to dance.
And we love to have at our parties the best djs around. This year for the Boat Cruise 4th edition, we are proud to announce a rad line-up of rock and roll spinners. Here they are, shortly, day-by-day.
Just to give you an idea of what to expect, so you can start training and get ready to shake your ass.


Cyclone dance ahead! ALIEN SNATCH! top banana and numero uno bluff sailor A-HULE-HULE is teaming up with his Hamburg-harbor helmsman MARC-O-MATIC for a piratic & primitive punk party! Those landlubbers are ready to get keelhauled and pitchpoled so you better come aboard for the ultimate booze cruise DJ set!
Bring your bikini – they wanna make you jump the freak waves to cool down your microwaved brain! Expect folk for dope fiends, gigolo glam, soul for hairy bushes and musique rocque pour conaisseurs that is guaranteed to move any stern! No life boat in sight, their savage sounds will fry the ship's echosounder making the boat turn turtle. 
Venice will finally drown and there'll be nothing left but a legendary fish story to be told!


PETE SLOVENLY (Slovenly Records, USA)
He's the boss at famous American Slovenly Recordings, home of underground rock and roll.
He spins frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf, 70s punk, 60s greasy soul & r'n'b shakers, western & 50s R&R, exotica, jamaican ska


Owner at infamous Wowsville Bar, the Coolest RNR bar in Berlin.
The original Wowsville opened its doors as a rock 'n' roll record store in the winter of 1999 - 2004 at a former chocolate shop in the East Village, New York City. In 2006 the record store reopened in Berlin and finally settled into the Kreuzberg area (summer 2010) where it is now a record store, bar, cafe, and a live music venue. Alberto, the master of Mexikaners spins 50s rhythm & blues, groovie soul, punk, wild r n’ b, vegas grind danceable hits


JONATHAN TOUBIN (New York Night Train/Soul Clap, USA) first time in Italy!
Jonathan Toubin isn't just the most popular 45rpm party DJ in America. The Soul Clap and Dance-Off, Shakin' All Over Under Sideways Down!, the Happening, Land of 1000 Dances, and his wide array of other New York Night Train parties have become the stuff of legend way beyond the Empire City. His visionary take on nightlife and obsessively curated collection of obscure 7-inch records sells out clubs worldwide, appears at major rock concerts and festivals, and influences the birth of scores of 45 DJs and dance parties in his trail. Jonathan Toubin's career stalled after a cab drove into his Portland, OR hotel room and landed on top of him. But he beat death, healed up, and returned to what he does best with a vengeance. The New York Night Train is back on track and better than ever. Sunday's Soul Clap and Dance-Off is his party that draws around 1,000 dancers in nyc and tours the world!

mercoledì 2 maggio 2012


We did a small interview with Atomic Suplex from London, Crypt Records release nr 100.

Their album 'Bathroom party' is a physical assault of sound that makes slick, overproduced and overhyped rock look at it's shoes in shame. Who cares if they’re hitting the right chord or tuning their instruments correctly, what counts here is the pure, fiery passion and animalistic explosion of feedback and rock ‘n’ roll.

We, at Guilty Party are so proud to have you on board on friday (may 11th) so what's your
impression on this festival on a boat? Are you excited? 

Suplex98: I'm guessing it's going to be a party, it's Venice, so maybe a bit romantic, there may be a little guilt involved afterwards?

Dan: Of course we are excited, parties on a boat are special as everyone is trapped,
noone can go home, we could do whatever we liked and noone would be able to leave. 

Do you like the sea? 

S: I can't swim so no. It's not actually floating on the sea or anything is it? 

D: Yes it is floating on the sea, far from land. If you go over the edge then that's it pretty much. "finito" 

We met Tim Warren two years ago at the boat party, he came down to spinn records,
we are still shocked on how great his set was, the songs and bands he choses are just perfect,
only killer songs, catchy, danceable and punk before punk even he definitely has taste in rock and roll music, are you proud to be on Crypt Records? 

S: No, but if we didn't agree to their terms they wouldn't give us our lunch money back.

D: Yes proud of course!!

How did you get in touch with him? 

S: Well I am smart enough to know that if I just called Tim out of the blue he would think I was some kind of weirdo. So I formed a band that I thought he might like and played the waiting game, immediately, five years later he called me. Guilty Party will be the culmination of six years of good stalkin' work, when I finally get to meet him and propose. We will probably disband after that.

D: I didn't know that was the reason for the band... but it's as good a reason as any.

Tell us about you live sets, do you like to play shows? 

S: I hate it. All these people turn up and really make everything really claustrophobic,
and it turns out that if you drink too much it's really difficult to play guitar or remember things.
If you aren't playing live none of that really matters. 

D: I used to think rehearsals were better than shows, but lately I have been happier to play live...
it's something to do in an evening (rehearsals are more of an afternoon thing). Do you know the other bands and djs on the bill? S: I have heard of Tim Warren. Well I have emailed him a couple of times, I didn't know he knew how to play records.

D: looking forward to all of them.

S: Indeed, every single one is my favorite band. You did good work.

Anything special to say? 

S: What? Like retarded?

D: Does anyone have a clue what it is we are all meant to be doing? It is all questions with us.

S: Question everything, it's the only road to answers, otherwise you are just being 'told' stuff,
no matter how true it is.


martedì 1 maggio 2012

BANDS 2012

THE SPITS (USA, In The Red Records)

ATOMIC SUPLEX (UK, Crypt Records)

THE FELINES (DK, Hey Girl! Records)

WILDMEN (ITA, Jungle Beat Records)



lunedì 30 aprile 2012

4th EDITION - 2012

Be sure to get your ticket, places are limited!
book it now!


Dancing has always been an important part of any Guilty Party, everybody loves to dance. And we love to have at our parties the best djs around.This year for the Boat Cruise 4th edition, we are proud to announce a rad line-up of rock and roll spinners. Here they are, shortly, day-by-day.
Just to give you an idea of what to expect, so you can start training and get ready to shake your ass.

TIM WARREN (Crypt Records, USA)
Head of the Crypt Records empire. After his killer set on GPBC 2010 edition, we know for sure he's absolutely the best. And that is all there is to say. Best danceable set you can immagine... He spins 50s rhythm & blues honkers, fast 60s soul, gay mambo/limbo cha-cha-cha, rhythm & blues, Vegas-grind style instrumentals.
(Be ready for the crazy limbo contest, hosted by him with an incredible soundtrack!)

He's resident dj at Berlin famous Bassy and Monarch clubs, he owns one ofthe best collections of southern soul and Rhythm & Blues in town (that's how he first introduced to us)...He spins louisiana funk, R&B, 60's psych trash and tasty blues and he will play all his really rare records.


JOEL STONES (Tropicalia in Furs, USA) first time in Italy!
Joel is the founder of Tropicalia in Furs, the only record shop specialized in brazilian Psychedelic and Funk music, located in New York's East End.During countless trips to his native Brazil, Joel has been tirelessly searching for forgotten songs of the Psychedelic golden era of Brazilian music and has put them together on the compilation known as Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas.
Carrying many exclusive records in his bag (only copies known are those he owns), he will satisfy your thirst for exquisite danceable grooves from countries you don't even know where to locate on the map.

Shocked by the plug of her handy turntable at the age of 4 when she was listening to "Typpy, the lil rabbit hippy", Kitty B. Shake plays tunes at high voltage: primitive rock and roll, tearing rhythm and blues, wild soul, killing garage punk and freakbeat as well as other pieces which couldn't be anything else then a mistake or the masterpiece of a disturbed mind.


PETE SLOVENLY (Slovenly Records, USA)
He's the boss at famous American Slovenly Recordings, home of underground rock and roll.
He spins frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf, 70s punk, 60s greasy soul& r'n'b shakers, western & 50s R&R, exotica, jamaican ska

GIANNI FUSO (Festival Beat, ITA)
He has on his bedside table the photo of Little Tony and drinks only Danacol.
Italian Beat 7" and old hair dryer collector. He likes high voltage trash parties and to shake frat-garage-beat e RnB. He removed a 7" and put another one (can't stand the term dj) in several European Festivals: Wild Weekend, Funtastic Dracula and Go Sinner Go in Spain; Ballroom Bash in Germany and Shout Party in Italy. Last year at Guilty Party Boat Cruise together with Liam Watson from Toe Rag studios in London. Beat on the Boat!

giovedì 9 febbraio 2012


Your favourite boat party is coming also this year!
Same boat, same crew, same beautifull/impossible city.
Save the date for now, we'll come back very soon with all the infos.
ah... if you wish to collaborate, help or put some money on it
please get in touch with us at
do it!

Venice is even more guilty this year!
Guilty Party Foundation

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

3rd EDITION - 2011

We celebrated the power of music.
We danced and had fun with some great Rock and Roll Music.
We, at Guilty Party Foundation, want to give our deepest thanks to all the people who were there and got drunk; to all the bands who played and all musicians who had to travel for hours to come down to the Guilty Boat; to all the djs who spinned their best records; to all the staff who made this possible.
1500 beers, 90 liters of liqueurs, 150 litters of wine have been drunk.
It was fun and we are ready to do it again!
We all have felt our life has been saved or improved by rock and roll music and we have turned to it for support. That’s why, with the biggest smile on our face, we loose money on this. Do you remember when rock and roll used to be fun?
Guilty Party Foundation