lunedì 29 aprile 2013


Dancing has always been an important part of any Guilty Party, everybody loves to dance.
And we love to have at our parties the best djs around. This year for the Boat Cruise 4th edition, we are proud to announce a rad line-up of rock and roll spinners. Here they are, shortly, day-by-day.
Just to give you an idea of what to expect, so you can start training and get ready to shake your ass.


Cyclone dance ahead! ALIEN SNATCH! top banana and numero uno bluff sailor A-HULE-HULE is teaming up with his Hamburg-harbor helmsman MARC-O-MATIC for a piratic & primitive punk party! Those landlubbers are ready to get keelhauled and pitchpoled so you better come aboard for the ultimate booze cruise DJ set!
Bring your bikini – they wanna make you jump the freak waves to cool down your microwaved brain! Expect folk for dope fiends, gigolo glam, soul for hairy bushes and musique rocque pour conaisseurs that is guaranteed to move any stern! No life boat in sight, their savage sounds will fry the ship's echosounder making the boat turn turtle. 
Venice will finally drown and there'll be nothing left but a legendary fish story to be told!


PETE SLOVENLY (Slovenly Records, USA)
He's the boss at famous American Slovenly Recordings, home of underground rock and roll.
He spins frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf, 70s punk, 60s greasy soul & r'n'b shakers, western & 50s R&R, exotica, jamaican ska


Owner at infamous Wowsville Bar, the Coolest RNR bar in Berlin.
The original Wowsville opened its doors as a rock 'n' roll record store in the winter of 1999 - 2004 at a former chocolate shop in the East Village, New York City. In 2006 the record store reopened in Berlin and finally settled into the Kreuzberg area (summer 2010) where it is now a record store, bar, cafe, and a live music venue. Alberto, the master of Mexikaners spins 50s rhythm & blues, groovie soul, punk, wild r n’ b, vegas grind danceable hits


JONATHAN TOUBIN (New York Night Train/Soul Clap, USA) first time in Italy!
Jonathan Toubin isn't just the most popular 45rpm party DJ in America. The Soul Clap and Dance-Off, Shakin' All Over Under Sideways Down!, the Happening, Land of 1000 Dances, and his wide array of other New York Night Train parties have become the stuff of legend way beyond the Empire City. His visionary take on nightlife and obsessively curated collection of obscure 7-inch records sells out clubs worldwide, appears at major rock concerts and festivals, and influences the birth of scores of 45 DJs and dance parties in his trail. Jonathan Toubin's career stalled after a cab drove into his Portland, OR hotel room and landed on top of him. But he beat death, healed up, and returned to what he does best with a vengeance. The New York Night Train is back on track and better than ever. Sunday's Soul Clap and Dance-Off is his party that draws around 1,000 dancers in nyc and tours the world!

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