mercoledì 2 maggio 2012


We did a small interview with Atomic Suplex from London, Crypt Records release nr 100.

Their album 'Bathroom party' is a physical assault of sound that makes slick, overproduced and overhyped rock look at it's shoes in shame. Who cares if they’re hitting the right chord or tuning their instruments correctly, what counts here is the pure, fiery passion and animalistic explosion of feedback and rock ‘n’ roll.

We, at Guilty Party are so proud to have you on board on friday (may 11th) so what's your
impression on this festival on a boat? Are you excited? 

Suplex98: I'm guessing it's going to be a party, it's Venice, so maybe a bit romantic, there may be a little guilt involved afterwards?

Dan: Of course we are excited, parties on a boat are special as everyone is trapped,
noone can go home, we could do whatever we liked and noone would be able to leave. 

Do you like the sea? 

S: I can't swim so no. It's not actually floating on the sea or anything is it? 

D: Yes it is floating on the sea, far from land. If you go over the edge then that's it pretty much. "finito" 

We met Tim Warren two years ago at the boat party, he came down to spinn records,
we are still shocked on how great his set was, the songs and bands he choses are just perfect,
only killer songs, catchy, danceable and punk before punk even he definitely has taste in rock and roll music, are you proud to be on Crypt Records? 

S: No, but if we didn't agree to their terms they wouldn't give us our lunch money back.

D: Yes proud of course!!

How did you get in touch with him? 

S: Well I am smart enough to know that if I just called Tim out of the blue he would think I was some kind of weirdo. So I formed a band that I thought he might like and played the waiting game, immediately, five years later he called me. Guilty Party will be the culmination of six years of good stalkin' work, when I finally get to meet him and propose. We will probably disband after that.

D: I didn't know that was the reason for the band... but it's as good a reason as any.

Tell us about you live sets, do you like to play shows? 

S: I hate it. All these people turn up and really make everything really claustrophobic,
and it turns out that if you drink too much it's really difficult to play guitar or remember things.
If you aren't playing live none of that really matters. 

D: I used to think rehearsals were better than shows, but lately I have been happier to play live...
it's something to do in an evening (rehearsals are more of an afternoon thing). Do you know the other bands and djs on the bill? S: I have heard of Tim Warren. Well I have emailed him a couple of times, I didn't know he knew how to play records.

D: looking forward to all of them.

S: Indeed, every single one is my favorite band. You did good work.

Anything special to say? 

S: What? Like retarded?

D: Does anyone have a clue what it is we are all meant to be doing? It is all questions with us.

S: Question everything, it's the only road to answers, otherwise you are just being 'told' stuff,
no matter how true it is.


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