lunedì 30 aprile 2012


Dancing has always been an important part of any Guilty Party, everybody loves to dance. And we love to have at our parties the best djs around.This year for the Boat Cruise 4th edition, we are proud to announce a rad line-up of rock and roll spinners. Here they are, shortly, day-by-day.
Just to give you an idea of what to expect, so you can start training and get ready to shake your ass.

TIM WARREN (Crypt Records, USA)
Head of the Crypt Records empire. After his killer set on GPBC 2010 edition, we know for sure he's absolutely the best. And that is all there is to say. Best danceable set you can immagine... He spins 50s rhythm & blues honkers, fast 60s soul, gay mambo/limbo cha-cha-cha, rhythm & blues, Vegas-grind style instrumentals.
(Be ready for the crazy limbo contest, hosted by him with an incredible soundtrack!)

He's resident dj at Berlin famous Bassy and Monarch clubs, he owns one ofthe best collections of southern soul and Rhythm & Blues in town (that's how he first introduced to us)...He spins louisiana funk, R&B, 60's psych trash and tasty blues and he will play all his really rare records.


JOEL STONES (Tropicalia in Furs, USA) first time in Italy!
Joel is the founder of Tropicalia in Furs, the only record shop specialized in brazilian Psychedelic and Funk music, located in New York's East End.During countless trips to his native Brazil, Joel has been tirelessly searching for forgotten songs of the Psychedelic golden era of Brazilian music and has put them together on the compilation known as Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas.
Carrying many exclusive records in his bag (only copies known are those he owns), he will satisfy your thirst for exquisite danceable grooves from countries you don't even know where to locate on the map.

Shocked by the plug of her handy turntable at the age of 4 when she was listening to "Typpy, the lil rabbit hippy", Kitty B. Shake plays tunes at high voltage: primitive rock and roll, tearing rhythm and blues, wild soul, killing garage punk and freakbeat as well as other pieces which couldn't be anything else then a mistake or the masterpiece of a disturbed mind.


PETE SLOVENLY (Slovenly Records, USA)
He's the boss at famous American Slovenly Recordings, home of underground rock and roll.
He spins frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf, 70s punk, 60s greasy soul& r'n'b shakers, western & 50s R&R, exotica, jamaican ska

GIANNI FUSO (Festival Beat, ITA)
He has on his bedside table the photo of Little Tony and drinks only Danacol.
Italian Beat 7" and old hair dryer collector. He likes high voltage trash parties and to shake frat-garage-beat e RnB. He removed a 7" and put another one (can't stand the term dj) in several European Festivals: Wild Weekend, Funtastic Dracula and Go Sinner Go in Spain; Ballroom Bash in Germany and Shout Party in Italy. Last year at Guilty Party Boat Cruise together with Liam Watson from Toe Rag studios in London. Beat on the Boat!

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